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FOCUS originated as TRAFCORD, (Anti-Trafficking Coordination Unit in Northern Thailand) which was set up in August, 2002 as a branch operation of the Coordination Centre for Child Protection Chiang Mai (CPCRC) has been a pioneer of the multi-disciplinary team approach involving government and non-government partners in providing assistance to victims of human trafficking and child abuse. This approach has become known in international development circles as the Chiang Mai Model.

 In 2006, TRAFCORD was registered as a Public Benefit Organization.

 In 2009 the U.S. Department of State commended TRAFCORD in their Trafficking in Persons Report as one of their Commendable Initiatives Around the World.

 In 2011 it was registered as a Thai Charity under the name of Foundation of Child Understanding (FOCUS)



" Network coordination and service center to professionally and efficiently solve human trafficking in the north of Thailand. "


FOCUS/TRAFCORD has been building on its program strengths for the past 19 years, particularly in the following fields :

Acting as a coordination centre between networks of GOs and NGOs both on the provincial and regional level as well as cross border with Myanmar and Laos in order to share information and bst practices.

Integrated and comprehensive assistance to victims of human trafficking and child abuse balancing social and legal priorities and centred on the needs of the victim

Capacity building for multi-disciplinary teams enabling them to set up new provincial centres that combat human trafficking and child abuse.

Community surveillance networks in border and other high risk areas that enable community members to be alert, identify, report and provide appropriate intervention in cases of human trafficking and child abuse.

Consultation and technical services that enable government teams to mount effective operations to combat human trafficking.

Organization Structure


Non - Governmental Organization, A Public Benefit Organisation by the National Commission on Social welfare promotion. No.1202 in November 20, 2006
Foundation : Foundation of Child Understanding (FOCUS) No.CM 349 in September 6, 2011


The Organization Policies

1. Personnel Administration Policy & Officer's Regulation and Practice
2. Child Protection Policy
3. Procurement Policy and Procedures
4. Accounting and Financial Policy and Procedures
5. Travel and Expense Policy and Procedures
6. Non Discrimination Policy